Why is office furniture
so expensive?

Why is it so difficult
to order and assemble?

Can't we make a system
that works the way we do?

The big idea

Business is changing. Life is changing. But there's one aspect of work that remains stuck in the past: office furniture. We think it's time to change that.
To bring it into the 21st century. Our idea? Create innovative, high quality
furniture that works the way we do today. Make it easy to plan and buy.
Make it affordable for more companies and organisations. Our secret?

One World class

First we asked acclaimed German industrial designer Stefan Brodbeck to work with us on turning our ideas into innovative products.

Two World class
    production team

Then we put together a world-class team in product development, manufacturing, marketing, logistics, quality control, environmental standards and every other aspect of the business.


Inspiring systems for creating, writing, meeting, dreaming and working. All of them environmentally smart. All of them proudly made in South Africa.